06 mars 2018

Dieu merci, Donald Trump a rendu la dignité et l'honneur à la Maison Blanche. Un star du porno le poursuit en justice !!

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06 mars 2018

Trump : MERCANTIL , wich will ended by an Economical Cancer !

OH boy!   What now!!! Mr Trump should get along well with our Justin!   One, is a Dramatic Autodidact Drama Actor, and the other is a Drama Teacher Everything happening, is unfair to the USA... and that everything he does, well, he should be getting slaps in the back for that! I hear he plays golf every day, and watch TV 6 to 8 hours a day!   Wall Street never been that busy and historical records breaking! Are happening. Last year 2017, One, only one... amongst the Planet Richest Man, has... [Lire la suite]
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06 mars 2018

Less Television....more reading and writing !

NO MORE TV...or a bit,,,much more less.. Great reading....access to world's libraires...and People ! and Writing \ In a Nicotin Free environment ! Simple life...
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06 mars 2018

My health care ! Among other things...

Folks,   Friends,   I hope you remind, if not, well, I don’t remember the exact words I have used then. But basically what it said was:    I m now engaging in Political Debates , and other subjects and opinions,  of course within limits of my own values... , on my life,all moments of truths   that I have experiences,photos, etc. Under no circumstance am 'I trying to get revenge.  These are actual facts....no bullshit... don’t want to hurt anyone...far from it are my... [Lire la suite]
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06 mars 2018

Big Arms and Shoulders,,,,no brain !!!

so wonderful today, thank you life... You know, I'm not bored at all. of these ... among others in the bars ...Assholes , Big Egos ... Jos Know it All ... Narciscics, uneducated, without cultures or resqect for others ... who according to them, could be Judge at the Supreme Court ! The latter, now, on the WEB ... is not at all, except for Likes ... It's fun ... we can see now who is what and what they really are! Big Arm without Heads ... with a big goddamm dirty mouth ! My Oppinion !
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