Colin Huff., Who, now, has a different look than back then. He, eventually  joined the Canadian National Fly Fishing Team!  Last time ,  I saw you , we made history...14 y young you were...I did not know anybody there that day nor many during the whole season, even today, would have been able to make contact with that beauty of Salmo Salar,  fresh.    At the, usually very productive little run above the pool , La Cage pool,  with a 90 degree dog leg with sharp rocks ,  difficult access and eventual fly presentation. 

We made it to the bottom on the other  side on the tail...climbed the abrupt rocky cleft on our right,  that tail is like in the V gorges on one side , the side we were on...and then..There is one....

After, if I recall well, have been covering the upper run...where there was boys in it...but uncooperative.  We let the other guess witch for now, cannot recal, whom, take that run...very short but productive...but not that morning...right!

Upon seeing that fresh specimen, I pointed it out to you from way up , where I could see him very well by now...and I also knew HE was a taker,    A fresh taker.

Told you,   Colin come over...be careful...watch your steps, do not let any rocks fall down.  Slowly come up, no noise, Tshuttt!!

See it?  ......Nope you said....don’t see it...can’t say I see it.  He there really a fish there? You were not sure at all,

He is bullshitting!  Like my father, with his great knowledge of guides as he is one himself and a very good one by the way... in your head, I kind of interpreted by your stunning look.  But then, all of a Soudan, you kind of have a gasped of him....OUpppppp!  !!!!!   Think I see it, Bruno!

Well, excellent!   Now keep your eyes on it, don’t say shit and wait...I will explain how we will catch and land this awesome fresh Boy!

First!   We check the leader,   we put that fly on, A DRY....Colin you gonna slowly again go back there...on that tippy and slippery, between angled rocks immerged you will not see the target

Take a good look at the target,get yourself , idification pots rocks, current, distance, speed of that current, blindness of your presentation...which shall be accurate on the first attempt, with light  , loose, counter courant deposit .....

Upon touching the water, that fly if you do exactly what I m asking you to do here....you will, for sure, have this guy come up!   He’s gonna hit it hard, will swirl it down fast and aggressive

He will attack like crasy, watch carefully boy!   Don t missed this unique opportunity...nobody else right now would be able to present this the way I wanted....except our Unique and Clown common friend Mario, of course...and me!   That week, I think!

Anyway!   Like I have predicted, under a beautiful, sunny and enjoyable day.  Where meditation, was very much what fly fishing for salmon does...serenity moments for me, always!

And Then:    Splashhhhhhh! ZZZZZZZZZZ!!!     ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ  Splashhhhhhh again and again....

Set!   Set the Goddamm Hook!   Now!     Again!   One more!   There you go, He’s on! Take your time, be careful not to fall, watch the fish, play him with care, I want to have that boy in my hand...Enjoy Sir!